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4 Reasons To Schedule Your Exterior Painting Job Now

March 18, 2019

Spring is right around the corner which means it’s about that time to get started on all your home improvement projects. As you begin to map out your thoughts, make sure to include painting the exterior of your home on that list. Here are four reasons why painting the exterior of your home now is both beneficial and important.

Perfect Temperatures

There is no better time of year to complete an exterior painting project than the spring. Not only will the professional you hire appreciate the mild temperatures, but the paint will too. In fact, latex paint is known to go on more cleanly and develop a more durable finish when applied in milder temperatures found in this time of year. If it’s too hot outside, the paint can dry too fast and not have the proper film formation, which can lead to the lifespan of your paint being greatly decreased.

Protect Your Investment

Inadequate exterior painting can be damaging to other aspects of your home which can lead to more expensive repair jobs. For example, the wood that makes up the structure of your home begins to rot when continuously exposed to the sun, wind or moisture. Not providing the proper coverage during the spring leads to more damage and costly repairs in the summer.

Protect Your Plants

Completing your exterior paint project now ensures that your plants can grow unencumbered. You can plant your garden and shrubbery without the fear of them being trampled or having to work around them.

First Impressions Matter

As great as your plans are to remodel the interior of your home, the first thing that visitors will notice is how the outside looks. An unattractive paint job leaves a bad first impression regardless of what may be on the inside.

Your exterior paint job plays an important role in your home, including helping to maintain its value. Now that spring is almost here, contact the professionals at Color World Housepainting by calling 614-215-9184 or sending an email to [email protected] to schedule an initial consultation today.

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What to Know about Residential and Commercial Interior Painting

February 19, 2019

In what ways do you attempt to make the interior of your home or business stand out from the rest? Maybe you’ve carefully selected furniture that wordlessly expresses the unique personality of your family or your company brand. Perhaps you’ve incorporated certain design elements into the building’s architecture that you know are unique and innovative. While these are all great ideas, one of the most common and easiest ways to make a home’s interior stand out is to thoughtfully choose a paint color.

When it comes to selecting a color, keep in mind that color can really make or break a space and how people function in it. That’s why, when choosing wall and flooring colors, it’s important to keep the goal of the space in mind. If energetic work is being performed in a space, warm, exhilarating tones might be good to consider, for example. In areas where relaxation is crucial, cool tones may be more appropriate when occupants can calm down and unwind.

Color World Housepainting are your experts when it comes to interior painting for your home or businesses. Here’s how we can help your specific needs:

For Residential Painting:

Your friends and experts at Color World Housepainting want your house to look beautiful just as badly as you do. That’s why we have developed a revolutionary, six-step house painting process that results in better paint jobs than other companies in our industry. From our accurate on-site quote to start of the job to our customer survey to complete it, we do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied along every step of the way.

For Commercial Painting:

Color World Housepainting also has its own division of commercial painting services. We are experts in commercial work, providing the painting services businesses in any industry need, including warehouses, property management companies, offices, and even hotels.

Color World Housepainting prides itself on providing exemplary customer services. We take every measure to ensure you are satisfied with all your commercial and residential painting needs and will do whatever it takes to earn your business and remain lifelong clients.  Color World Housepainting has been serving the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas for a number of years. We pride ourselves on being large enough to provide professionalism and reliability, yet small enough to provide personalized service. To discover more about how we can serve your needs please visit our website or call us today at 877-724-6877. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on current events, tips, and specials.  

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How Long Will My Interior Repaint in Ohio Take?

February 8, 2019

When there are rooms that are regularly used and have gone through years of wear and tear, a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your home and restore walls to its original vibrancy. If you are a resident in Ohio looking to have your interior painted, our team at Color World Housepainting can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. With an affordable six-step process and dedicated professionals, your house can be transformed in no time.

Quick and Easy Estimates

Our company has developed a software program that assists in giving a quick and accurate quote on-site. You’ll also be able to see the services we offer.


Before we start painting, it’s important to prepare your house to keep it clean. At the job site, we’ll move furniture and carpets and cover them with drop cloths to avoid paint splatter on your belongings.

Filling in Dents or Holes

Dents, holes, and chips can ruin the look of a paint job. Before painting, we’ll take the time to fill in these areas and add new caulking around any trim that needs to be repaired. This ensures that the paint can go on smoothly and look fresh.

The Painting Process

After all the preparations have been made, we can start the paint job. We use high-quality paint and applicators that can provide beautiful and long-lasting results. In addition, our team will clean up after each work day so the equipment won’t intervene with your daily life.

Final Inspection

Our customers’ satisfaction is highly regarded, so we will perform a final inspection after cleaning up to make sure our work meets your standards.

Let Us Know How We Did

We ask all our customers to fill out a quick survey that helps us learn about your experience. That way, we can continue improving our services.

By prioritizing quality and affordability, we work hard to ensure that our services meet our customers’ standards. To learn more about all the services we offer, Contact Color World Housepainting today today by calling 614-215-9184!

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How Often Should You Paint the Interior of Your Home?

January 9, 2019

If you painted your home when you first moved in, it’s probably been a few years since the interior walls got a fresh coat. But how often do you really need to repaint a home’s interior? Not only is this project an easy way to give any room a brand-new look with a new color, it also provides a fresh, clean feel.

Consider Use

In general, the rooms where your family spends the most time will need to be repainted before rooms that are rarely used. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Five to seven years for the living room and dining room
  • Three to four years for the kitchen and bathroom
  • Two to three years for child bedrooms
  • Four to five years for adult bedrooms
  • Two to three years for hallways

Ceiling paint tends to last longer. You’ll probably need to repaint the ceiling after 10 years. In contrast, baseboard and trim shows wear quickly. Plan for a fresh coat every two to three years.

Look at Wear and Tear

When washing the walls doesn’t remove those dings, scuffs and scratches, a fresh coat of paint will make all the difference. These items can be removed with small repairs, but without new paint the seams will eventually start to show. Opt for a professional paint job with premium paint to ensure your rooms look great for years.

Don’t be afraid to repaint if you just don’t like the color anymore. Life’s too short to live with a hue that drives you crazy. Maybe you went the DIY route when you painted your living room and the finish isn’t holding up as well as it should. Whatever the reason for new interior paint, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Color World Housepainting offers high-quality residential painting with professional results. Our six-step process starts with a free, accurate quote and includes the preparations needed for a fantastic paint job. Contact us today by calling 614-215-9184 to get started.

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Importance of Interior Painting

December 6, 2018

Looking to avoid a DIY disaster? Painting your property can be a great way to add value to your home or business and freshen up any dull or faded room. From bright accent walls to a fresh new coat of ceiling white, there’s plenty of ways to brighten up a room. However, there are many reasons to hire an interior painting company for a professional look and convenient service. One great project to hire a painting company for is an accent wall for your business or commercial space.

Accent Walls

Bold and vibrant colors can instantly change the look and feel of any room. However, sometimes a color is too vivid to use throughout a room. If you’ve fallen in love with a color, but not sure how it’ll look across all four walls, consider choosing an accent wall. Painting a single wall, a bright, unique or eye-catching color can give your room a focal point. It’s also a good way to add personality to a room without going overboard. If you can’t find a color that works well in your space, consider using a new and upbeat wallpaper style.

For Professional Quality, Hire a Professional

Of course, working with bright colors can be tricky. Cutting in a wall, ensuring an even coat and matching your accent wall with the other colors in your interior space can quickly overwhelm even the most confident business owner. With literally hundreds of color options to choose from, finding the perfect color can be intimidating.

In order to ensure a clean, consistent coat of durable and vibrant paint, contact Color World Housepainting at 1-877-724-6877. You’ll be able to talk to a professional painter that is friendly and knowledgeable about interior painting.

December 2018 Blog

Three Ways You Can Avoid Injuries While Hanging Your Christmas Lights This Year

November 12, 2018

There’s no better way to spread your Christmas spirit than to hang stunning Christmas lights for everyone to see. But, an injury will quickly dampen your holiday cheer and even leaves you with some costly and potentially life-changing consequences. While hiring a professional to hang your lights up would help you avoid getting hurt altogether, here are some tips on how to keep yourself safe if you choose to hang your lights up yourself.

  1. Make Sure Your Ladder Is Set Up Correctly

The most common cause of injury when hanging Christmas lights is falling. To avoid a serious injury, you will need to make sure that your ladder is fit to use and set up properly. Ensure that nothing on the ladder is broken and that none of the rungs are wet or slippery. Position the ladder on solid ground so that it is sturdy and place it at an appropriate distance away from the wall.

  1. Always Check Your Lights Before You Use Them

Before you start hanging up any lights, make sure that none of the cords are damaged or frayed to avoid electrocution or fire. Also, make sure to follow instructions on the lights for maintenance and safety. The package should indicate the lighted length and number of strands to connect. You also need to look for lights that are UL approved and designed for outdoor use.

  1. Don’t Hang Lights on Your Own

Even if you think that you’re a seasoned pro at hanging Christmas lights, always make sure to have a friend or family member close by in case something goes wrong. They should help hold your ladder in place or hand you tools to prevent any slips or falls.

If you’d rather leave the decorating in the hands of the professionals, contact Color World Housepainting today at 1-877-724-6877 to do all the work for you so you can enjoy your holiday season stress and injury free.

Holiday Lights

Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Lighting This Year

October 29, 2018

There’s nothing quite like putting up those holiday lights to really give your home the stand-out festive edge each and every year. However for some homeowners this is easier said than done. Whether it’s indecisiveness, lack of free time for decorating or just the physical inability to get the job done, many factors could be keeping your light from living up to their full potential – or from being put up at all in some cases. Fortunately, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the entire process easier and more effective to make your home look its best this holiday season.

1. Pick Colors You Love

All too often, homeowners choose the lights they think will make their home look the most sophisticated. Usually this means selecting from the number of white lights on the market. While white lights are perfectly acceptable if you prefer them, remember that colorful lights are just as beautiful and sophisticated when they’re matched and placed properly. Choose lights that you really enjoy for your home, not just what you think will make a good impression.

2. Consult the Professionals

While selecting your lights and deciding how and where to hang them, it’s likely worth your time to work with professionals who offer light-hanging services. They help plan out an overall design scheme for your home to ensure you’ll really love the look you end up with.

3. Don’t Install Alone

Installing holiday lights on your home by yourself isn’t just a hassle, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. Fortunately, many of the professionals you consult with on design offer light installation services for homes of all shapes and sizes. With a bit of professional assistance, you get the festive look you’ve always wanted without putting yourself at risk.

Following these tips help you get the most out of your holiday light experience regardless of what your décor tastes might be. If you’re looking for a bit of assistance with choosing and installing lights, call us at 877-724-6877 to learn more about prices and scheduling.


Why Fall is a Great Time to Paint Your Home

September 18, 2018

Are you thinking of paining the inside of your home but unsure of exactly when to do it? As summer comes to an end, fall can be a great time to paint your home. Here are a few advantages for painting in the fall.

Less Humidity

Paint needs dry surfaces to adhere to the walls and to evaporate in order to dry. Humid conditions can place moisture in the paint. If this happens while you are painting or after you have painted the surface and waiting for it to dry, the texture of your paint job could be ruined, causing you to have to re-paint the walls. Fall months can be drier and less humid than other months of the year. If the weather forecast calls for rain within a few days of the date that you plan to paint, you may need to schedule it for a different day.

Moderate Temperatures

Although you may be painting indoors, the temperature outside can affect the temperature of the walls indoors, as well as the room temperature if you open windows to release paint fumes. Paint may not dry properly in extreme temperatures. If the weather is too hot, it may dry too fast and can crack and bubble. If the temperature is too cold, it can prevent paint from drying. Therefore, you may want to make sure the temperature is above 40 degrees, but no hotter than 70 degrees before you paint. In many areas of the country, this may be early to mid-fall when temperatures can be relatively mild.

Less Chance of Drastic Temperature Changes

Paint may not respond well to drastic temperature fluctuations. Winter, spring and summer months can see more fluctuations in temperature from day to night than in the fall. Temperatures in early fall months tend to be more stable and may show less fluctuation. Even though you may be indoors, the outside temperatures can permeate to your walls.
If you are in the mood to give your walls or your house a facelift, contact Color World Housepainting today by sending an email to [email protected] or completing a contact form to get a free estimate for your next project. We have the expertise to handle any paint job, large or small.

Clean Paint Job

Your Ultimate Room Painting Cheat Sheet

August 21, 2018

A fresh coat of paint is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to breathe new life into a room. However, there are a number of things to consider before you break out the rollers and start painting. Consult this cheat sheet for ideas on painting that will ensure that your new room makes the statement you want it to with its new paint job.

Look at the Lighting

Look at the lighting of the room when choosing a color. Natural light from open windows or skylights makes the color you choose look vibrant and bright. Incandescent lighting makes warmer colors look warmer and cooler colors look cooler. Fluorescent lighting has a natural blue tint that will affect the shade of any color under it.

Think About the Mood of the Room

Mood is another important consideration. Think about what the room you are painting will be used for and the message you want to send with it. The color of paint you choose can have a huge impact on the mood of the people in the room. For example, red makes people stimulated and excited, yellow makes them happy, and blue makes them feel calm.

Match the Surroundings

The room you are painting is not the only one in the structure. Make sure that the new paint matches the other rooms in the area. Check everywhere with a direct line of sight to the room that you are painting to get the most complete picture.

Test the Paint

Don’t start painting without conducting a spot test first. Once the paint gets on the wall, it may look slightly different from how it does on the swatch. Test several colors in a small area on the wall and allow them to dry to get the best idea of what they will look like.

For more ideas about painting a room, as well as all the professional help you might need, contact Color World Housepainting today by sending an email to [email protected] or completing a contact form.

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5 Reasons to Have Your Home or Office Pressure-Washed

July 18, 2018

Commercial or residential power washing is a simple way to both improve and maintain your property’s appearance and even has implications for the health and safety of residents, employees, and customers. There are many benefits to this cost-effective process, and here are five of the most important ones.

  1. Enhance Curb Appeal and Resale Value

A fresh, clean appearance is desirable for homes and offices alike. The exterior of your property creates a first impression for those passing by or entering. Pressure washing your home can also improve its value tremendously according to real estate professionals.  In addition, power washing is an important preparation for exterior painting.

  1. Protect Your Property

A property that is properly maintained is less likely to incur damage and require expensive repairs. Pressure washing your home or office building can help prevent damage due to mold, insect infestation or other environmental damage, such as algae or salt deposits.

  1. Prevent Health Risks

Mold, mildew and insect nests are just some of the potential health risks to your family, employees, or customers. Pressure washing is an effective way to avoid buildup of these harmful substances. Sidewalks and steps are a common place for accidents, and pressure washing can alleviate the slippery buildup that can occur on these surfaces.

  1. Benefit the Environment

Pressure washing uses less water than traditional cleaning methods. Combining the proper chemicals when necessary and managing the wastewater properly is a process best suited for professionals in the industry.

  1. Save Time and Money

Other cleaning methods can be physically taxing and time-consuming. Pressure washing your home or office is a cost-efficient, time-effective process.

Hiring a professional company to perform this job is even more safe and efficient and can save you money in the long run. At Color World Housepainting, you can expect quality work in a timely manner. Contact us today by sending an email to [email protected] or completing a contact form to get a free estimate for your next project.

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They've painted my house about a year ago and I wanted to wait and see how it held up. I couldn't be happier with the results. It looks like it was painted yesterday Paint crew was friendly and very professional and made sure they did a great job.

- Michael H.

April 28, 2016