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We Want YOU to Franchise with Us!

A behind the scenes look at how Color World Housepainting all began, and the CEO who has one goal in mind: To help others succeed too.

Ground zero. That’s where Color World Housepainting CEO, Tom Hodgson began building his future. From learning to paint his way through college to door knocking for leads for his one-day successful business model, Hodgson’s unconventional marketing efforts are what we call the epitome of starting from the ground up.

After selling all he had, and with just a couple hundred in his pocket, 1997 was the year Color World Housepainting was born. Little did he know, it would also be a place of building dreams for others.

“I started painting in high school, then again in 1993 to fund my college years. My passion for the business grew and that’s when I incorporated Color World Housepainting.” Hodgson said.

Hodgson’s passion and expert business model set the stage for a future of success. So much so, several professionals who worked for him found their dream, too.

“Painting is not something anyone can do,” said Hodgson. “But we’ve built a team of experts, many who’ve been able to branch off from Color World and open their own painting businesses.”

20,000+ painted homes later and years of fresh success stories, Hodgson decided to harness the talent of these young professionals by franchising Color World Housepainting.

“Fast forward today, we’re in several markets across the U.S., and looking forward to opening more this year.” said Hodgson. “My biggest focus is giving others the opportunity to be successful, without the pains of starting ground-up.”

According to Hodgson, franchising will give owners the team support they wouldn’t have otherwise, the access to the Color World custom estimating software, all the marketing they need and allow for them to take advantage of more than just painting.

Color World Housepainting offers services like interior and exterior painting, gutter installation, pressure washing and holiday lighting,” said Hodgson. “All of that done with the goal of providing customers with outstanding service, quality and price.”

Hodgson has plans to help others build their dreams and looks forward to hearing about the fulfillment that comes with owning a business.

“The most fulfilling part of my job is being able to give a client a complete facelift,” said Hodgson. “That involves having our entire team in the field working together – giving someone a deserving before and after… sharing that reward with my entire team is a great feeling.”
Hodgson is excited to open the floodgates to big dreams and savvy business owners.

“I’m more than ready to help build more successful stories through franchising,” said Hodgson.

To learn about franchise opportunities with Color World, call us at (614) 698-1125 or complete a contact form.