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Professional Holiday Installation

Color World Housepainting offers full service holiday lighting and decorating for residential and commercial properties that is sure to impress your friends and customers. We will install all the lights and decorations in the beginning of the season, then take it all down and store it for you. We can even change your decorations from season to season, keeping you festive all year long.

We supply all cords and timers for all our lights, so you have absolutely no maintenance. All you have to do is enjoy the awe inspiring lights. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and offer discounts for repeat customers. Check out our services below and give us a call to get started decorating your home or business with holiday lights today!


Holiday Lighting Our holiday lighting team can decorate the outside of your home festively for any season. We can also decorate the entrance of neighborhoods, islands in neighborhoods, condos and any residential property that can use some holiday flare! Don’t let another holiday pass by without decorating your home with a cheerful display.


Holiday Lighting At Color World Housepainting, we have a team of expert holiday lighting professionals who would love to decorate your business with all the holiday decorations you can imagine. From artificial trees to holiday lights, we can add holiday cheer to nursing homes, restaurants, country clubs or any business that can benefit from our decorating services. We even specialize in decorating downtown areas. Don’t hesitate to show off your holiday spirit. Hire our team today!


Holiday Lighting We have lights to celebrate every holiday and special events. Let us display lights for your wedding, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah or prom. Call us today to make your special event even brighter with C-9 installation!

Product Guide

Holiday Lighting Our holiday lights come in different shapes and sizes. We offer C-9 installation, icicle lights, large bulbs, flood lights, combination lights, multiple lights and LEDs. We will sit down with you to discuss your design ideas to decide which lights would work best to illuminate your home or business. Our professional exterior decorating team can decorate your property with garland and wreaths, too. Call us to make this season brighter!

Effortless Process

Holiday lighting Don’t bother messing with your ladders to install holiday lights this season. Our holiday lighting team at Color World Housepainting will do all the installation for you this holiday. We can bring all the materials and tools it takes to install all of your holiday decorations, so the risk is on us, not you. Why go out in the cold when you can leave it up to our team? We allow you to pick out your lights, then we install and maintain them. Just give us a call and we’ll come out and replace burned out or broken bulbs. When you are ready for the decorations to be taken down, we will be there to do so. We also store your decorations, so don’t worry about packing up and finding storage space. Make decorating this season effortless and affordable.
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