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Benefits of Professional Holiday Lighting Installation

November 19, 2019

Create an elegant, hassle-free, and safe holiday light display this year by hiring a professional lighting installation team. While you may have struggled with twisted cords, wobbly ladders, and uneven lighting for years. Spend this holiday season visiting with friends and family instead of wrestling with difficult strands of lights by hiring a professional. Discover some great reasons you should consider entrusting this yearly task to a professional.

Safe Installation

Even if you have a stable ladder, it can still be dangerous carrying holiday lights and attempting to hang them. Improperly hung lights can damage your home’s roofing or gutter system. While some homeowners hang lights up before the snow starts to fall, others prefer to wait until later in the year. This adds the potential dangers of sliding on ice or snow and falling off your roof. A professional has the tools necessary for a safe and efficient project.

Hassle-Free Service and Maintenance

The holiday season is already a hectic time, so don’t spend your evenings and weekends trying to hang lights all over your home. Broken lights, twisted cords, and tall eaves all result in a long, complicated project. Once you get all the lights up on your home, a particularly strong storm can knock them down or break individual bulbs. A professional can quickly setup, take down, and repair your holiday lights to give you time to focus on what matters this holiday season.

Creative Designs

Don’t have a creative eye for hanging lights? If your displays end up slightly off-centered or lacking a certain magic, ask a professional to assist you in the design and balanced installation of your lights. Contact Color World Housepainting today to discuss your lighting designs, maintenance issues, or to schedule an installation service call. Get in the holiday spirit without the worrying and stress of hanging lights. Call 614-215-9184 or email us today to learn more!

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They've painted my house about a year ago and I wanted to wait and see how it held up. I couldn't be happier with the results. It looks like it was painted yesterday Paint crew was friendly and very professional and made sure they did a great job.

- Michael H.

April 28, 2016