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Tom Hodgson on the Founding of Color World Housepainting

Tom Hodgson speaks about his start with Color World Housepainting and his excitement to sell franchises…

“Color World Housepainting got started back when I was at Ohio State. I just wanted to figure out a way to pay for school. I worked with another painting company, realizing I was basically running a painting business and not really getting compensated all that well for it. So I took that idea of being a professional and decided to start Color World Housepainting.

Color World is a one-stop shop for our homeowners. We can go in, paint the house, do the repairs, tear off the gutters, paint behind them, and install a new set of gutters if it’s an exterior full paint job. Not only did we just fix the problem so the homeowner doesn’t have to paint the house in 3-4 years down the road, we can go in and fix the problem so that the customer sees that not only can we paint their house, but we can do the repairs, install the gutters and maybe even dry out their basement.

I think our customers think Рwhy would I hire 3 different contractors when I can just hire Color World? Franchisees love this concept as well.

We also wanted to make sure if we sold a franchise in a colder market with snow, that our franchisees would still be able to generate revenue, so we looked at holiday lighting. Ten years ago, no one really did holiday lighting. Now, we’ve developed a really nice atmosphere where franchisees can come in and buy a franchise and be able to do interior, exterior, gutter installation, gutter repair and on top of all that, holiday lighting.

This business is only going to continue to grow. That’s why we’re so excited to sell a franchise."